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The new June HOPE issue of The Simple Things is here.

Midsummer pleasures, good things to eat, rainbow magic & optimism.

Escape awaits.

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Doorstep foraging – Late night strawberries  – Why swearing helps – Making the ordinary fancy – Rainbow magic – Crab toasts & meringue kisses – How nurses changed the world – Twig whistles & paper birds
We made a list of the things we associate with midsummer, expecting glum faces as we realised there were so many we couldn’t do this year. Yes, some plans are on hold but the season’s simple pleasures are still there for us. Twilight is still beautiful, rainbows still form during a summer shower, meadows bloom, as do roses and peonies. There are strawberries to eat, barbecues to have, long light evenings to stay up late for. And fairy tales to tell. Meanwhile butterflies, bees, bats and birds go about their summer busyness. So, string your twinkly lights, make your cocktails, wear sandals and at this magical time of year hope can thrive – and so can you.

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